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Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Unicity Jamaica.

Unicity International is over 100 years old, and Unicity is coming to Jamaica. This will give you the stability and strength of a strong, established company, and the sizzle and excitement of a new company.

Our products will include:

1.  Bios Life Slim - The ONLY all-natural, patented, clinically proven solution to Diabetes, Cardivascular Diseases and Fat Loss.

2.  Lean Complete - Delicious Protein drink with 19 grams of protein and all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day.

3.  Matcha Focus - The perfect, natural energy drink with all of the energy and mental clarity & focus with none of the crashes.  It is 10 times more potent than green tea and contains 15 x, 45 x and 50 x the antioxidants of cranberry, broccoli and spinach, respectively.  Perfect for athletes, students and anyone who needs a boost of energy.

4.  LiFiber - A great choice to add additional fiber to help cleanse your colon of unwanted matter, including parasites.


Learn more here ==>  www.pgdsystem.com

Obviously, this provides tremendous income opportunities for the right individuals.

We are looking for persons who are tired of the regular 9-5, who have the drive and ambition to succeed, and are ready to make life-changing income over the next 2-5 years. part time or full time.

If this is you, then please fill out this form CLICK HERE to confirm your attendance at our next Recruiting Session.

We are ready and able to help you if you have the right attitude, mindset and desire for success.

See you over the top!


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